cooking turkey chili, normally use red wine with beef chili, should o use red or White wine for turkey?



RobertaJ December 27, 2010
I go along with the beer suggestions. That's usually what I put in all my chiles, beef or poultry. Darkish, but not a stout. They tend to the sweet side.
latoscana December 26, 2010
I think it depends on the wine - a lighter red wine, such as pinot noir, should work nicely.
aargersi December 26, 2010
I am a fan of beer in chili myself - something darkish!!!
spiffypaws December 26, 2010
Wheat beer or a dry white wine such as Sauvigion Blanc. Even a dry sherry would be good.
Merrill S. December 26, 2010
I think you could use either -- a nice light red would complement the dark meat well, but white would be good too.
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