Jamie Oliver chicken in milk

I forgot to put the garlic in with the chicken. Why is it not peeled? Won't the peel just get stuck in your teeth???

Molly Fuller


Susan W. January 19, 2015
A really good way to imitate roasted garlic is to cook it unpeeled in a pan over medium heat. You flip it over quite often until the peel starts developing brown spots. Keep going a little while longer. The peel will come right off and the garlic will be roasted and sweet. It makes really good garlic bread when prepared this way. I think I got this method from Cooks Illustrated many years ago.
Meaghan F. January 19, 2015
Good tip!! Never heard that one before.
trampledbygeese January 19, 2015
I noticed that a lot of Jamie's recipes are shy about peeling the garlic. Roasting garlic this way makes it more creamy and less dry, it's quite delicious. To eat, you pick up the garlic clove with your fingers and squeeze it so that the garlic pops into your mouth.

Of course, you don't have to leave the peels on if you don't want to. It's your kitchen after all and you're the one who has to eat the yummies.

If you still have cooking time before you serve the chicken, you could roast some garlic separately, or add some coarsely chopped up garlic to the chicken as it cooks.

Let us know how it turns out.
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