I cannot seem to find whole wheat bread flour? Would you recommend I replace it with regular whole wheat flour, whole wheat pastry flour, or more...

...white bread flour? Thank you

  • Posted by: Leann
  • January 21, 2015


Windischgirl January 22, 2015
If you have it, add 1 1/2 tsp. vital gluten per cup (or approximately 4.5 oz) of regular whole wheat flour, which will up the protein of the flour. Otherwise, you can use regular whole wheat flour. Wheat pastry flour has less protein than regular whole wheat, so it wouldn't be the best for this recipe.
Shuna L. January 22, 2015
Whole Wheat "Bread Flour" is just whole wheat flour that is high in "protein." Not all wheats behave the same way in bread baking. Depending on what one needs one's bread to do, aka, how strong one needs it to be, will determine exactly what kind of wheat flour one needs. There's no such thing as "one kind" of whole wheat flour. Most all flours are a mix of many kinds of wheat, blended to "create" a "flavor profile" &/or "building profile," if you will.

In a recipe such as this, I would recommend "regular" whole wheat flour. Whole wheat pastry flour is "softer" and won't give you the same "kneading power/gluten structure."
ChefJune January 21, 2015
I've never heard of whole wheat bread flour. Whole wheat flour should work just fine in this recipe.
hardlikearmour January 21, 2015
I agree.
Leann January 21, 2015
Thank you!
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