Okay foodie peeps. All my recipes say use string bread flour, but I only have plain (all-purpose) flour. I want to make bread, so shall I just add in wheat gluten as I have some of that?



usuba D. December 27, 2010
And I forgot to say . . .knead the gluten ball into your dough that calls for strong flour.
usuba D. December 27, 2010
I haven't done this trick in years, but if you take plain flour and "wash" the starch away to get extra gluten. It is a bit tricky to do, but if you make a small ball of dough (flour & water), and manipulate it under slow running water, you will see the starch wash away and ball of gluten stay behind in your hand.
pierino December 27, 2010
That would be food perps to you, ma'am.

"Strong bread flour" doesn't translate well to the USA. I'm guessing you mean what we would call "high gluten".
Cookwitch December 27, 2010
I have answered my own question.
Cookwitch December 27, 2010
STRONG bread flour. Sorry!
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