Was the lavender ground up or added whole?

 Lemon Lavender Polenta Cake
Recipe question for: Lemon Lavender Polenta Cake


Chrissie January 27, 2015
Hello! I added the lavender buds in whole because I like seeing the flecks of lavender in the finished cake. And once it is baked you don't really notice it when eating :) However, grinding up the lavender is a great option if you don't want the buds in the cake.
Nancy January 27, 2015
Great! A little more info: I wrote leaf, but dried lavender is actually dried flowers. which reminds me, once you have lavender in the house, there are all kinds of uses for it, e.g.savory in the blends herbes de provence, sweet in some thing like a ricotta filling for crepes.
Nancy January 27, 2015
Probably neither. Dried lavender usually comes in crumbly pieces, the bits of leaf that emerge from the drying process. If you halt to have large, whole dried lavender leaf, I suggest crumbling it lightly in your Palm, then adding, so it will disperse throughout cake. You could grind it to make powder, but I think the bits of lavender, larger than ground look nice in Baker goods.
Nancy January 27, 2015
That should ne "happen to have"
Ticketytwo January 27, 2015
Ok. Thx so much for answering. I plan to make this cake tomm
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