Burnt Caramel Pudding recipe from Food52 calls for 2 cups heavy cream - any suggstns for a non dairy substitute? thanks

  • Posted by: maureen
  • February 1, 2015


creamtea February 2, 2015
You might try coconut cream or a blend of coconut cream and coconut milk.
Hillary R. February 2, 2015
I'm sure you could make silken tofu work in your favor. I'd have to actually test out the proportions...and I might use a combo of nut milk and tofu, but I think blending the two could churn out something quite cream-like! I'm sure a good vegan cooking blog would have tips for how to substitute silken tofu in your baking.
Nancy February 2, 2015
Coconut butter thinned with coconur milk until you reach desired texture.
Hummusit February 2, 2015
Alpro makes non-dairy "cream" - try that.
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