Help, aerosol whipped topping is coming out of can runny

I'm trying to make caramel in my recipe calls for heavy cream. I have no milk or other dairy products except for aerosol can whipped dairy topping. It's coming out of the can running. How can I use it for my recipe? Requires 1/2 cup of heavy cream. Please help!



Lori T. January 14, 2020
You have a couple problems on hand. First, whipped topping is not the same thing as cream. There is whipped cream available in a can, though- so make sure of which product you have. If it is whipped topping, it will be of no use for making your caramel. Secondly, it sounds as if you have no nitrous oxide left in your can of topping. That is the necessary ingredient for canned toppings to come out whipped. Unfortunately, if yours is gone- there is no fix for that.
Nancy January 14, 2020
I remember this happening when the can of whipping cream was almost finished.
Sorrh, but I don't think there's enough cream in there to make your caramel recipe.
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