Fixing clam dip that has gone astray.

I think I might have just put raw clams into a clam dip; whoops! Can I resurrect it by baking it or should I just throw it out? Leaning towards the latter, but thought I would check first!



LeBec F. February 3, 2015
i would suggest you find a recipe for a baked clam or seafood dip etc., and add ingredients to your dip-that will make it bakeable like the recipes you find.
Ex: if your base is sour cream or yoghurt or cream cheese, add bread crumbs and egg as binder, sauteed red pepper , artichokes, parm, worc. sauce, or other...
keg72 February 1, 2015
Whether it's bakeable would depend on the other ingredients, but it might very well work. There's really no harm in trying.
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