Can I Bake with Funfetti cookie dip

I made the Funfetti cookie dip. Can I convert the dip into pancakes, cupcakes or a cake?



Dragster1090 December 23, 2021
1 box (4 cups or 432 g) Funfetti Cake Mix
1 container (3 cups or 225 g) whipped topping , (such as Cool Whip)
1 ½ cups (370 g) vanilla yogurt, (I used Stonyfield low-fat vanilla yogurt)
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drbabs December 23, 2021
I looked at the recipe you posted and at the cake mix instructions. The cake mix instructions call for 1 cup of water, 1/2 cup of oil, and 3 eggs. (We'll call that 3/4 cup of eggs.), so about 2 1/4 cups of liquid ingredients (not counting, for a moment, the chemistry involved in those particular ingredients). Just from a volume standpoint, you've already added 4 1/2 cups of liquid-ish to the cake mix. I have no idea how Cool Whip would hold up under baking (or how much of Cool Whip is actually air). So there's no harm in trying it, I suppose, but I'd have a plan B ready in case it doesn't work out.
Nancy December 23, 2021
Dragster1090 - Is your Funfetti cookie dip like the one in this link?
If yes, I wouldn't bake with it...the sprinkles will melt and color will run.
Also, the amounts of fat in the cream cheese, cool whip and milk will require adjustment in the rest of the recipes … awkward, and results may be uneven.
Rather, I would use it as a rich garnish or frosting for the pancakes, cupcakes or whole cake.
If you make the pancakes thin, like crepes, you could roll them around the Funfetti dip (like dessert "cigars" in other recipes) or make a stack of pancakes with the dip in between them, like a crepe cake.
drbabs December 22, 2021
What is it? Can you share the recipe?
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