Hi. A good Substitute to buckwheat flour? Normal Wheat Flour? Whole wheat flour? Corn Flour? I cant find buckwheat nowhere in Portugal.

Daniel Silva


Jan W. February 3, 2015
I don't think buckwheat is used much in Portugal. I'm rather certain, however, that you can find rye flour (farinha de centeio) in most supermarkets there, especially in the North because pão de centeio is popular there.
Daniel S. February 3, 2015
I'm Portuguese and I never heard of Buckwheat. But Rye Flour we use a lot and I even have it in my house so I don't need to go buy it. Thank you.
Lindsay-Jean H. February 2, 2015
It's a forgiving recipe! I used more all-purpose flour in place of the buckwheat (and the almond actually) and it was great.
Daniel S. February 3, 2015
Thank you. I think I will use the Rye Flour instead of the Buckwheat.
ktr February 2, 2015
I have used rye flour in its place before.
Daniel S. February 3, 2015
Thanks. I'm going to do that too.
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