When a recipe calls for a can of creamy tomato soup do u add milk

A slow cooker recipe called Pepperoni pizza rigatoni. Has 1 1/2 pound ground chuck,rigatoni pasta 8 oz , 16 oz pkg mozzarella cheese, 28 oz pizza sauce, 8 oz pepperoni and a can of creamy tomato soup. Do I add a can of milk? Doesn't say to.

Brenda Raleigh


HalfPint February 4, 2015
I am going to hazard a guess that the Pepperoni Pizza Rigatoni recipe is calling for a can of condensed creamy tomato soup. If it does not mention milk, you don't need to add it.
Brenda R. February 4, 2015
Is that like using a can of Cambells tomato soup? I didn't see cream of tomato soup?
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