lasagne -- OK to add mozzarella to classic recipe (in addn to parm) ?

or is that simply tooooo much cheese? am using the beautiful green lasagne recipe from Marcella Hazan's classic Italian recipes book.... common sense tells me to refrain and simply just use the parmeggiano she calls for - esp since this is my first try with this recipe. it's just that i have this beauitful fresh ball of mozzarella sitting in the fridge....



amysarah February 8, 2015
I (more or less) use Marcella Hazan's lasagna Bolognese recipe too - bechamel instead of ricotta, as it's made in Italy. But I'm no stickler for 'rules' - food evolves! (Even in Italy ;-) I do add a modest amount of fresh mozzarella, because I like it that way. If you slice it thin, then let is sit on paper towel (or a tea towel) for a little while, it will absorb a lot of the excess fluid, avoiding the watery lasagna problem.
helicopterina February 8, 2015
thanks - i like that 'food evolves' philosophy. altho something tells me that the late marcella hazan would say something gravelly voiced and negative about mucking with a classic ...
mickle February 8, 2015
I use 1/3 parm reggiano- fresh grated; 1/3 fresh ricotta; and 1/3 fresh mozarella, grated or in chunks. Always get requests for my recipe
helicopterina February 8, 2015
mm - will definitely try this version at some point #lovericotta !!!
Pegeen February 8, 2015
Yum! That's about what I like to use. Would love to know more about your recipe - do you use bolognese?
Jan W. February 8, 2015
Be careful about using fresh mozzarella in lasagne because if you put too much, and it's very moist, it might make it a little soggy (though this usually happens in traditional lasagne Bolognese if your sauce isn't cooked down enough). I say use it, but its better to use mozzarella that isn't super fresh (scraps from another meal or *gasp* the logs wrapped in plastic from your typical supermarket), to control the moisture level.

Personally, I think fresh mozzarella should be reserved for where the texture will get a chance to stand out - especially if you're using on the same day it was made: insalate, antipasti, wrapping with prosciutto, or even putting on a pizza just over you pull it out of the oven.
helicopterina February 8, 2015
great points/advice - thanks. i used less than half of a fat ball of mozzarella and rather sparing spread it thru layers, along with grated parmesan. i will post back here after we bake this sucker off tomorrow or the next night with the results. meanwhile - very grateful for this help!

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kimhw February 8, 2015
How do you like your lasagna? I like mine cheesy, so I would say add it!
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