I'm trying to use up Christmas leftovers and I'm thinking pierogies filled with potato, cheddar, and broccoli. I've never made pierogies before (though I looooove to eat them!), and was wondering whether they'd freeze well. Any other tips would be great, too, if you've got 'em! :) Thanks in advance!



campagnes December 28, 2010
Ah, good to know, Potato - I was going to do something similar, so I'll just stick with plain potatoes.

I'm excited to make them! Thanks for all the pointers, everyone!
Sadassa_Ulna December 28, 2010
I'm so glad you asked this - sounds like a great thing to make a big batch of and freeze - thanks!
beyondcelery December 28, 2010
I freeze them raw on a sheet, then bag them up (as dahliat recommends). I'll keep mine in the freezer without issue for about 6 months, though on the latter end of that they tend to start a bit of freezer burn. It's best to use them in the first couple of months. Enjoy! Pierogi are so much fun to make.
POTATO December 28, 2010
My grandmother taught me how to make pierogi's when I was very little, I grew up making them with her through my childhood. The first time I ventured out to make them on my own I only asked her for the dough recipe (not her filling recipe). I was making potato & cheese pierogi's. For the filling, I made actual mashed potatoes with butter & cream and let me tell you -- that was a mistake - they were so soupy! I should have skipped the butter and cream. That was years ago and I still laugh when I think about my "mashed" potato pierogi's!
VanessaS December 28, 2010
You can freeze them raw, and then boil them just like you would fresh ones (put in boiling water, wait until they rise to the top, then wait one minute longer, and remove)
campagnes December 28, 2010
Should I freeze them completely raw? or boil them first, then fry them out of the freezer? Thanks so much for the tips.
dahliat December 28, 2010
I've made perogies before and frozen them and its easiest to put them on a baking sheet and put the baking sheet in the freezer, and then once they are frozen put them in a ziploc bag, so they don't all stick together.

And a shortcut to the dough is using wonton wrappers if you can find them at the store.
VanessaS December 28, 2010
They for sure freeze well - I served frozen ones that I made a week previously on Christmas Eve, and I always freeze some extra when I make them. The most important advice I could share is to make sure you roll the dough out thin - about 1/8 inch. I've made them in a rush before and let the dough be a little thicker and it is really not very good that way.
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