How can i amp up my canned broccoli cheddar soup?

I bought Kirkland Signature Broccoli Cheese soup, because usually they have good stuff. However, the broccoli cheese soup is a bit bland and preservative tasting. Any way i can kick it up a bit? I make it for a quick meal for my lunch breaks so looking for something i can use on all of it then restore it. Thanks!

Andrew Michael Fisk


SMSF October 3, 2017
Maybe try some Sriracha or some cayenne? I suggest taking a small portion of soup and adding just a bit, see how you like it before using it for all of the soup. I did that with some bland-tasting broccoli-cheese soup; a touch of cayenne really made a difference.

Or maybe a splash of soy sauce?
Andrew M. October 3, 2017
Update: it tastes and smells almost like there was too much beer or something dumped in it...
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