After you've used rice or beans as pie weights, are they still edible?



lifestooshort January 1, 2011
The pennies worked beautifully--thanks, hardlikearmour!
spiffypaws December 28, 2010
Not edible. I use marbles as pie weights, seems cleaner than pennies and they are reuseable forever.
lifestooshort December 28, 2010
Thanks, hardlikearmour--you can probably tell this will be my first pie crust--I hadn't read the recipe closely yet and didn't realise the weights went on top of foil. But I still like the idea of shiny pennies as weights, so thanks for the tip!
hardlikearmour December 28, 2010
I guess if you wanted, you could put them in a mixture of white vinegar and table salt. It creates a dilute hydrochloric acid solution, and makes pennies look brand new again.
hardlikearmour December 28, 2010
Nope. I line the crust with foil before putting the weights on them, so there is no direct contact. I figure they get pretty sterile whilst in the oven.
lifestooshort December 28, 2010
Thanks for the great advice, foodpicklers! Hardlikearmour, do you do anything in particular to clean the pennies before using them?
hardlikearmour December 28, 2010
I can take no credit, got the idea from Cooks Illustrated. One of the reasons I love them as a resource - they are much smarter than I am!
Amanda H. December 28, 2010
Great idea, hardlikearmour -- thanks for the tip.

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hardlikearmour December 28, 2010
I like to use pennies as pie weights. Just collect a decent sized stash. They transfer heat better than rice or beans, and last forever.
Amanda H. December 28, 2010
I don't use them for cooking, but I do reuse them as pie weights -- they last for a long time this way. If you wanted to experiment with eating them post pie-weight, then I'd only do it with rice -- who knows, may taste toasted!
Lexmccall December 28, 2010
conventional wisdom is no, though I've cooked with beans before that were used that way. I'd recommend setting aside a stash of beans for pie weights if you don't feel inclined to buy a ceramic set.
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