I just used rice as pie weights. Can I cook the rice as normal now or is it garbage?



flgal October 11, 2010
Put it in a ziplock and mark it weights...only use it for that.
nutcakes October 11, 2010
I don't thnk I would. I usually use beans because I find them easier to manage. then I save in a canister or ziplock for another time.
anyone October 10, 2010
I would have to ask how does it look? If it doesn't look burnt or smell burnt I would say it's fine. I have done rice so many ways that call for cooking, browning or frying in a pan before the addition of water that i'm guessing it might have a similar effect. Alot of times in the kitchen we come up with these situations where we don't know the answer and sometimes you just have to try it. Do an experiment and have fun with it. I would try a pilaf methed. Add the proper ratio of water then cook in a covered pan for ten minutes , then let stand for ten minutes covered. Then it should be ready. Although I was assuming it was long white rice.
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