For a double batch of banana bread, I mistakenly used 8 eggs instead of 4. Didn't realize until after baking. Still Edible?

  • Posted by: Tamara
  • February 21, 2018


Stephanie G. February 22, 2018
I find that my mistakes teach me the most about baking. Also, you may find you have created a new dish or at least been provided new insight into the magical world of baking. Hope you enjoy your bread.
Tamara February 22, 2018
So nice! Thank you!! Bananas are off the list for my hubby & me during the Lenten season. I’m looking forward to eating the bread. So glad to know I can turn to so many sweet people to help me!
ChefJune February 22, 2018
Great info, Nancy!

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Nancy February 21, 2018
Probably yes, as long as It's baked through.
I did the rough math on the ratios of eggs/flour by cups for a regular clafoutis, regular banana bread and double banana bread where you multiplied the eggs by 4 instead of 2.
Ratios were 1.5, .5 and 1
So your new bread is about halfway between the clafoutis and banana bread in its liquidity or softness from the eggs.
It will have a different texture (softer) and slightly eggier taste, but likely taste quite good.
Maybe serve with whipped cream, ice cream or berries as garnish.
Also read Ruhlman book, Ratio, section on baked goods to start thinking of component parts in classic recipes. And how one dish resembles another if you change the ratios.
Tamara February 22, 2018
You're so sweet! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
Nancy February 22, 2018
Glad this note helped. Here's link to the cookbook.
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