I asked this in the recipe, but got no reply. Is there any reason that cream is added to this? Any maple butter/cream I have ever had is just 100...

...% pure maple syrup

Maple Cream
Recipe question for: Maple Cream


Catherine February 12, 2015
Thank you for your answers! We get ours directly from a cabane à sucre in Quebec, so my question was mainly out of curiosity.
Nancy February 12, 2015
Similar to some Jan/Marmalade recupes, which call for some butter to be added to calm/reduce the foam during cooking.
Greenstuff February 11, 2015
I think you'll find that a little butter or cram helps the maple syrup from boiling over.
Greenstuff February 11, 2015
Cream, not cram, of course. But to continue, if you've ever boiled down maple syrup, you know that the danger of boiling over is real. A real mess!
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