A white skin or film formed on the surface of my real maple syrup

No fuzz. Is it mold? Does maple syrup go bad? Iwas storing it in the pantry. Im aware it has a printed expiration date (which happens to be this month) but I guess I assumed that was just a suggestion since its so high in sugar!

Jennifer W


A.faherty November 24, 2022
If it is not mold it is is likely a nontoxic fungus. Don’t worry the syrup is salvageable. Scrape and dispose of the scum on top. Boil the remaining syrup and remove the foam from the top and voila edible syrup.
It should be noted here that mishandling lead to the growth to begin with. Store the syrup in a sanitized (lid and) glass container. (You can sanitize it by boiling in water for 10 mins). Store in refrigerator once opened.
Nancy November 10, 2022
A quick search shows that it’s likely a more-common-than-thought fungus, not harmful, can be removed.
And yes it’s better to store maple syrup in the fridge.
Too much info to repeat here.
Check out 2 or 3 sites to be sure you’re getting latest consensus.
Nancy November 10, 2022
That is, 2 or 3 sites with maple syrup information or FAQ.
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