What is the best flour to use in baking for a type 2 diabetic?

My husband is a diabetic, we keep his levels low, but it is difficult to do so without using some flour at times. I would love to make our bread, but flour is the issue. Help???



Sheryl P. January 4, 2018
Use almond flour or almond meal. It has a very low "net carbs" number (much lower than any true "flour") and provides lots of fiber and nutrition.
lloreen February 22, 2015
My mom is diabetic and loves bread. Honestly, no flour is going to be good for diabetics, but the more complex, the better. Moderation is the key. My mom eats rye bread now and then and it doesn't affect her blood sugar levels as much as whole wheat.
lapadia February 22, 2015
Hi Donna, This is something I have researched but don’t have a recipe to follow, presently. Checking out the first 2 links about Sprouted Flour and then the Peter Reinhart “Bread Revolution” book (3rd link); this book is on my list to buy. I totally trust Reinhart’s bread baking knowledge. Good luck in your search! :)



lapadia February 22, 2015
And...one last thought, have made and love this Food52 bread recipe, perhaps something to try while researching Sprouted Wheat links:
Nancy February 22, 2015
Check your local diabetes association or clinics etc for useful dietary guidelines. Generally, whole wheat, which can give good moist results if you practice a few times and get the ratios right (it absorbs more liquid than does white flour). So start with recipes written for whole wheat until you get the hang of it. Sometimes mix with rye, if you guys like the flavor. Can use some whole oat flakes, ground to a powder, as a variant. But remember you'll need the wheat for gluten, so no whole rye or whole oats. And smallish portions.
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