Your Personal Fav Filo Fillings?

I know this is a very wide-open question, but: Based on your actual experience, what are your personal favorite fillings for filo (any category)?
Yep, in my business, I certainly made my 1,000's of filo! My own fav filling, which i often return to, is a Mushroom Duxelles with sherry, Worc. sauce, sour cream, gruyere and ground toasted hazelnuts. (They make a great lunch when I want something crunchy and hot to go with a soup etc.) There are others, but that's my Desert Island filo! How about you? It's time for me to do some adventuring here! Thx much.

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Aliwaks February 26, 2015
Winter squash, feta, green onions, reduced balsamic.
Faux- Bstilla- Shredded chicken, almonds, cinnamon, saffron.
Chard, walnuts, garlic, goat cheese.
Cauliflower, capers, yellow raisins, saffron, shallots, anchovies.
Goat cheese, oven dried tomatoes, mint.
Layers zucchini, ricotta salata, caramelized onions & fresh thyme.
Jenn60 February 25, 2015
I love little filo packets filed with Brie & cranberries
Panfusine February 25, 2015
Filo lends itself beautifully to traditional Indian flavors, I go crazy with all sorts of lentil curries (thickened beforehand to reduce the water content), pav bhaji, spiced potatoes, on the sweet side, I like to fill the pastry with a mix of coconut, sweetened with jaggery , sliced almonds and cardamom.
QueenSashy February 24, 2015
I am close to your original choice: mushrooms, cream, sherry, shallots, thyme, pepper and a pinch of nutmeg.
savorthis February 24, 2015
I remember folding up little duxelles triangles with my mom when I was little. I think you should take a classic like that and put a spin on it - swap the cheese for asian flavors. Or try a sweet potato, brown butter, hazelnut. Or take anything you'd wrap and fry in another wrapper and try it. For example: I also remember a recipe we'd make with chicken and herbed cheese wrapped in little filo cups. Or, I almost forgot, this spin on b'steeya
inpatskitchen February 24, 2015
I love spinach combined with leek, feta and cottage cheese and this one with lamb and leek
Nancy February 24, 2015
Not as subtle as your mushroom duxelles ones, but I love two simple fillings...any spinach (for ex the one used in Italian Easter pies, with egg onion & parmrsan), and a simple mashed potato filling, often with poppy seed on the Pastry. Called bourekas in Jewish cooking, simular to brik in Libyan cooking. Simple and satisfying as a snack, often topped with mustard, can become a meal with sausage & sauerkraut
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