What aromatic herb should I add to this soup?

I made a soup with mushrooms, kale, garlic, hot peppers and lime. I want to make it again but this time add something to make it more aromatic--any suggestions? No coriander please, but anything else goes!!

Geegee an


BerryBaby October 16, 2016
I made soup this past week and used a sprig of fresh thyme....delicious!
Geegee A. October 18, 2016
I tried thyme after others suggested it--it's really great with this soup!!
Windischgirl October 15, 2016
I was getting a Southeast Asian vibe from this...how about Star Anise? Amp up with Thai basil as well when serving.
Geegee A. October 18, 2016
that's the kind of vibe I got from it as well, great suggestion!
Emily |. October 13, 2016
Did you add the lime zest as well as juice? I find that goes a long way to amp up flavor. To piggyback on Valhalla's Persian suggestions, maybe Sumac if you can find it, it has a great smoky-citrus aroma which would echo the lime and peppers.
Geegee A. October 18, 2016
i've had sumac sitting in my cupboard unused so will def give this a shot!! I added the zest when I was sauteeing the mushrooms but I'm not sure how much it did to be honest..
ChefJune October 13, 2016
My immediate thought was tarragon, given the flavors you mentioned.
Geegee A. October 18, 2016
Tarragon is another one I never know what to do with so thanks, I'll try it!!
Nancy October 13, 2016
and/or pick up on the garlic & hot peppers by adding basil, oregano, anise and maybe some Parmesan cheese just before serving.
Geegee A. October 13, 2016
hey @valhalla, @phil, thanks for your suggestions!! These all sound incredible, I think I will try versions with tarragon and sage to see how they turn out.
PHIL October 13, 2016
Good luck. I can never decide so I add a few different ones. I love them all.
PHIL October 13, 2016
I like Rosemary and also thyme and I usually add both to soups. Also, I like some sage which is nice with mushrooms. Another option is some fresh parsley right at the end before serving. So many choices. How about Thai basil if you can find it fresh?
Valhalla October 13, 2016
Thyme is great with mushrooms, but because I am on a Persian kick and you mentioned lime, adding some tarragon, mint, and turmeric could be interesting.
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