What light sauce could I make to top over crepes stuffed with sauteed (evoo/butter) onions & mushrooms then reduced in 1/4 c. medium dry sherry?

The last time I did this I added chopped chicken breast to the mushrooms/onions and sauteed it all in the sherry. It was all very good. But needed a light sauce to pour over the crepes that wouldn't interfere with the sherry taste in the mushrooms and chicken. Any ideas?

  • Posted by: Suzanne
  • November 9, 2022


Gammy November 10, 2022
I agree with Nancy, but if you truly feel a sauce is necessary, can you add a bit additional liquid (EVOO/butter/sherry) to the mushroom/onions mixture as it cooks, then loosely strain the mushroom mixture to fill the crepes, leaving some of the sauce behind to drizzle over the filled crepes before serving?
Suzanne November 10, 2022
The sherry is reduced so that the mushrooms are moist but not runny. I just wanted to add a "something to drizzle over the top". Maybe I just need to sprinkle chopped parsley on top. The mushrooms had a delicious sherry taste and were perfect. Looking more to dress it up then add a flavor. Maybe a buttery parsley??
Nancy November 10, 2022
Oh, Suzanne, you’re looking for a garnish!
The parsley sounds fine.
And/or other herbs you like or happen to have in hand.
Other ideas - some fried onions or mushrooms to hint at what’s inside.
Nancy November 10, 2022
In general practice, I’m wary of adding a sauce to a crepe already filled with a sauce for fear of muddling flavors. And increasing the cook’s workload or mess.
What problem are you wanting to solve? Add moisture? add flavour?
If moisture, maybe add more fat and/or mushrooms. If flavor, a bit more sherry, salt and/or pepper.
And overall, to better taste the delicious sauce, I might serve it on top of crepes folded in quarters - the way they do crepes Suzette.
Hope this helps.
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