truffle egg salad from Hesser NYT

Need to make amanda's truffle egg salad for do I scale up?

  • Posted by: awbauer
  • February 24, 2015


Meaghan F. February 24, 2015
Small suggestion: since you're making such a big batch, it might be easier/more economical to sub truffle oil for some of the regular oil - I find it's cheaper than truffle butter or salt and would probably make it easier to control the overall truffle profile.
hardlikearmour February 24, 2015
Recipe says it serves 4, so multiply by 12.5: 100 eggs, 3 cups + 2 T olive oil, 12.5 T Dijon, 12.5 T mayo, truffle salt to taste. Mix the dressing first and add the salt to taste before you add the eggs. I'd likely start with 1 teaspoon, and add in by 1/4 teaspoon increments until I was happy with it.
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