Is truffle oil worth it?

I adore truffles but cannot really afford them. Is truffle oil a good 2nd best or is it just a pale mockery of the original? I had a wonderful truffle infused mushroom soup in Paris and would love to try to make it at home. Should I wait until my ship comes in?

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • March 27, 2012


darksideofthespoon April 12, 2013
I say yes, but make sure you smell and taste it before you buy it.. because there's a lot of product out there that give truffle oil a bad name (Yes, it is possible. Sadly.) I love the occasional drizzle on my poutine (french Canadian bowl of sex. French Fries, Gravy, huge chunks of Cheese Curds and truffle oil = orgasm.)
pierino April 12, 2013
Practically all the truffle oil sold in the US is in fact synthetically flavored. Occasionally you can find an Italian lable that includes real truffle. Keep in mind that true truffles are seasonal product and highly perishable which in part accounts for their sky high price. Avoid "summer truffles" (tartuffi estivi) which are truffles in name only as they have practically no flavor.
daRosario O. April 12, 2013
Instead of truffle salt I would suggest daRosario USDA Organic Truffle Savory Seasonings. Every grain of it's seasonings is encrusted with real white or black truffles; it is delicious to use in dishes where you don’t want to add any more fat. Sprinkle on your favorite white meat fish, pan-seared meats or poultry, or use in egg dishes and add to baked potatoes.

www (dot) darosario (dot) com is the best online source for real truffle products
ATG117 March 27, 2012
I definitely recommend truffle salt as well. Truffle butter is great with pasta and sauteed wild mushrooms. And well, truffle oil is controversial. But I think that when used correctly and sparingly, it can be delicious. For instance, Balthazar has a salad with haritcots verts, asparagus, fennel, ricotta salata, and truffle vinaigrette. It's one of my favorite salads. It's also delicious drizzled over white pizza. If you go for it, buy one flavored with real truffles. Some of them are flavored artificially.
KimW March 27, 2012
Truffle salt, I agree. Really good. I also love truffle butter. Keep in the freezer and finish sauces with it.
Mmmmmm truffles!
bigpan March 27, 2012
Truffle oil is a waste of my money. I do, however spend money for truffles and shave onto lightly flavored pasta dishes so I can taste the flavor.
beyondcelery March 27, 2012
I'll second Miranda's suggestions for black truffle salt. That stuff is incredible. But there's something to be said for a little drizzle of white truffle oil on potatoes at the end of a very bad day.

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Miranda R. March 27, 2012
A hot button issue! (full disclosure: I have a little bottle that I occasionally drizzle on bland/bad dishes, but it's like a dirty secret buried in the back of my cupboard).

Instead of truffle oil, I say get some (a super little bit goes a VERY long way) black truffle salt and use that. I had a teensy container of it that lasted 2 years ( and i used it on everything!)

Here's a little juicy reading on the hotly contested Truffle Oil subject! :
Greenstuff March 27, 2012
Truffle oil is worth using, yes. I little swirl of oil in a mushroom soup won't transport you back to your meal in Paris, but it could still be pretty nice.
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