I have a White Truffle (10g) and want to make a compound butter. What's the ratio?

Do I mince or microplane the truffle? Do I slice it? Do I just food process the truffle and butter together



max J. November 26, 2015
Before you demolish your truffle place it in a plastic bag with quality fresh egg, seal and leave in a cool place for 24 hrs. The eggs will have fully absorbed the truffle aroma and taste.
Fine dice a good mushroom (if using white truffle just dice the stalks of the mush) sweat in butter till cooked then cool.
Proceed as normal with the omelette, just sprinkle the diced mushroom on the open face before folding. Micro plane a small garnish of truffle. This is the best cheats truffle omelette I know.
QueenSashy November 25, 2015
Marion you are one lucky soul! White truffle is very fragrant, so you could zest the outside of it for the butter, and keep the truffle for another dish -- that way you kill two birds with one stone.
Nancy November 25, 2015
Yes, very lucky.
Meanwhile, stick it in your rice canister, where it will infuse the grains with its aroma.
MarionRose November 25, 2015
I am lucky. I still wonder what the ratio of truffle shavings to butter should be. Want to make a compound butter for mashed potatoes and the rest under the skin of our chicken.
MarionRose November 25, 2015
I am so lucky! But what's the ratio? How much truffle to how much butter? I want to use the rest in the chicken for tonight.
Nancy November 25, 2015
MarionRose - a quick Google scan turned up no recipe with a ratio. Do the microplane as suggested or shave it fine and chop, then mix in. Taste is strong, so rough guess is you could mix it in to half lb or lb, and if you have some left over after chicken dinner, use it on pasta or risotto another day.
Caroline L. November 25, 2015
hi marion! i've never made a truffle butter before, but i'd say micro planing the truffle is the way to go—it'll make for an even distribution of truffle to butter.
Amanda S. November 25, 2015
Agreed! And since compound butters are to taste, while truffles are very flavorful (not to mention $$), I'd err on the side of adding just a little truffle and giving the butter taste before flavoring a whole log of it.
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