quick, budget friendly dishes for lent

I'm drawing a blank of what to cook plan for dinners lately. Does anyone have any quick, budget friendly dishes that don't use meat or any exotic ingredients? If it makes leftover, that would be a big bonus. And if a toddler would eat it that would be even better (although I know that could change from day to day!)

  • Posted by: ktr
  • February 26, 2015


ktr February 27, 2015
Great suggestions. Thanks everyone!
Fat T. February 27, 2015
I take advantage of potato pancakes (latkes) and also have done an onion frittata that fall right into the no meat and low cost bracket.
Maedl February 27, 2015
When I was a student in Munich, apple strudel mounded with a range of whipped cream Alps was a regular main course lunch during Lent. I got into that kind of penance. There is a dish made of Spätzle, which are fried in butter til golden with lots of onions and topped with cheese--Emmenthaler would work. It usually includes bacon, but that can be omitted. that is a favorite for children. Otherwise, look in some Italian cookbooks--they have tons of recipes that are suited for Lent.
Melanie K. February 27, 2015
Quick and simple:
Versatile vegetable soups are my go-to. Sauté onions and vegetables of your choice, add stock and simmer; add grains such as pasta or rice, and/or beans. Serve on its own or with bread.

A bit more labor intensive:
Eggplant parmigiana is my favourite vegetarian dish by far. Grill or bake 1cm slices of eggplant until cooked. Layer with a simple tomato sauce and mozzarella (fresh or aged) like a lasagna. Bake until bubbling and browned on top. It's even better the next day.
keg72 February 26, 2015
I find pasta dishes easy, convenient and quick. I'll make penne alla vodka, linguine con vongole, manicotti or stuffed shells -- or even just sauté some cherry tomatoes and zucchini and toss that with penne. Another easy option is to keep frozen shrimp on-hand and make something with that -- baked with tomato and feta or shrimp scampi.
Nancy February 26, 2015
Look to foreign cuisines that have vegeti mains, substitute non-meat protein in a meat dish. look at classic vegetarian cookbooks - like Deborah Madison's - that emphasize flavor over righteousness. use whole wheat & grains to boost protein profile of meals. Rice & beans. Vegetarian chili. Breaded & baked fish sticks with a sauce your family likes. The pasta with canned tuna & tomato on this site (tastes great. Savory middle eastern bread pudding with garbanzos. Mollie Katzen black bean soup, in moosewood cookbook. looks like a vegetarian riff on Brazilian feiojada, tastes great. make Tom kha gai (Thai chicken soup with lemon grass etc) subbing firm tofu for the chicken). Grilled or baked Portobello mushrooms as veg burgers, or with cheese on top. Welsh rabbit (old. Fashioned good cheese on toast). Baked eggs with your choice of savory additions. Savory noodle pudding with smoked fish. kedgeree - British scrambled eggs with smoked haddock. Lockshin Kugel...noodle pudding with cottage cheese. Stuffed baked potatoes. Rajma curry (Ted kidney beans). Good luck, enjoy.
Mei C. February 26, 2015
My mom always made homemade baked macaroni and cheese with broccoli on the side. I make it now for my own family on Fridays-- and I still love it!
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