Looking for main dish entree to accompany a beet stack with goat cheese & pesto

  • Posted by: robamic
  • February 28, 2015


Molly W. March 1, 2015
A simple well seasoned roast chicken would complement the simplicity of the stack--fundamental flavors. Rub with olive oil and S&p, stick a lemon half and some garlic cloves in the cavity and roast til done. Serve with rosemary roasted new potatoes?
robamic March 1, 2015
Yes ,that was my other thought for main entree.
Still can be if I can't find shanks
Pegeen February 28, 2015
The beet stacks sound delicious. Assuming you're serving them first... fish with a light lemon sauce or lamb au jus made with lemon and garlic.
amysarah February 28, 2015
Will the beet stack be a separate first course, and you're looking for an entree to follow it? Or would the beet stack be served together with the entree?
robamic February 28, 2015
First course
LeBec F. February 28, 2015
I am thinking something that is non-cheesy but bold flavored so it can weigh in with the pesto and chevre. Maybe Middle Eastern- chicken , beef or lamb -braised , with a rice and lentil pilaf of sorts. Not tomatoey.
robamic February 28, 2015
I will be doing slow cook lamb shank with couscous. Yes ,no tomatoes . thanks for suggestion
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