Cooking time: Center cut beef tenderloin roast

I have a 2.5 lb center-cut beef tenderloin roast (about 2.5 inches thick), but the recipe I'm using calls for a tenderloin roast, which is shorter and thicker. The recipe calls for it to be tied, seared, and roasted for ~45 minutes at 325 degrees... how should I adjust this for my thinner cut of meat? Should I just fold it in half and tie it that way? Note: I don't have a meat thermometer.

Emma Young
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1 Comment

Pegeen March 1, 2015
The problem is not knowing how much thicker or what weight the recipe calls for? It's hard to do any math without knowing that. As a backup, a $5-$10 meat thermometer purchased at your local housewares or hardware store is not a bad way to go. Medium rare is 130 to 135. You explain your cut is thinner, so you might want to go with the low end (130) and a rest period of 5-10 minutes. If you haven't cooked it already, hope this helps!
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