We lived in Louisiana and I've lost my recipe for SAUCE-A-RUE-YAH. Can you help me? Old Cajun woman showed me.

It's a pork roast with cloves stuck all in it and cooked it in a old electric frypan till done. Adding water as needed. A dark stringy rue collects all on the sides- and you deglaze it and then use flour and ???...... To make a rich gravy. Then slice roast and lay in gravy an simmer. I'm not sure if spell/pronounced right.

Cathy Simpson
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1 Comment

Trena H. March 2, 2015
Cathy - Here's a tutorial from Food52 on making a roux. This might be a good place to start to help you re-create your recipe. Best of luck, here's the link https://food52.com/blog/8828-how-to-make-a-roux
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