How would you adjust this dough for a savory filling? Could you just reduce sugar or would you need to replace with something else for consistency?

Recipe question for: Hamantaschen


creamtea February 21, 2018
My thought was empanada dough. Sephardic cuisine includes a number of savory pies. Claudia Roden, The Book of Jewish Food, and Gil Marks, Olive Trees and Honey, included several versions of these doughs.
Nancy February 21, 2018
Mmm. Another good idea...and as empanadas are closed, they make an even better snack than an open tart.
Nancy February 20, 2018
Coming back to this thread again.
Found the dough in the original (sweet) hamentaschen recipe good but it had too many flavors (lemon rind) for a savory filling.
1st thoughts (last year) were to use a pasta dough, boil, fill & bake.
Now, I'm planning to use one or more doughs I can just fill with cheese, veggies or beans and bake.
Pizza dough, cracker dough, puff pastry or bureka dough.
Tamar February 20, 2018
I love to do this for Purim. I have had tremendous success using a savory galette dough, and then folding the galette in a triangle instead of a circle. It's difficult to make them tiny, but a big one that is shared is fabulous. I like to do spinach, mushroom and feta, or roasted butternut squash and onions, or any other combination.
Nancy February 21, 2018
Tamar - thanks for the reminder of savory galette dough - good idea!
Nancy March 4, 2015
Forget the hamentaschwn dough if you want to make a savory filling. Use a pasta dough that you would use for kreplach or ravioli (identical, as I once discovered). The name hamentaschen means "Haman's pockets" any pasta will do.
Nancy March 4, 2015
P.S. If you're making this for Purim, happy Purim.
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