What's the best dish to cook a big cheesecake in? What about a small cheesecake? Or type of dishes?

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Alex Cook


ChefJune March 8, 2015
Springform pans make removal of the finished cheesecake easier. Altho Ricotta pies are often done in pie pans.
Nancy March 7, 2015
Yes to the traditional spring form for esay to remove. But/and remember a cheesecake is a fancy version of a custard...so ramekins (for small, individual cake) or porcelain baker (for larger), in Bain Marie (water bath) work quite well. As does thick coarser pottery. Last, my mother taught me to use mini muffin pans for mini cheesecake s, sweet for a desert table or savory for 2-bite appetizer.

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Bunnee B. March 7, 2015
Springforms are the traditional pan for cheesecakes. They come in a variety of sizes, including very small. Because of their construction, the cheesecake can be removed from the pan fairly easily.
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