how to clarify broth?

Will be on a clear liquid diet for a week- made and filtered chicken broth but it is still cloudy.



Diana B. March 7, 2015
I think Jacques Pepin's video on this topic is better than this guy's, but I cannot find it online. This covers the idea, however:
JuliaT April 5, 2017
I found this from Jacques Pepin: – start at 19 minutes.
Diana B. April 5, 2017
Thanks, Julia! I remembered seeing that episode, but wasn't able to find it at the time. Got it printed out now so I can use it when I thaw the stock I froze.
PazzoNico March 7, 2015
Yeah, not to sound rude or sarcastic, but I think you're taking it too literal. It's a liquid diet, not a consomme diet. Liquid is liquid, doesn't have to be crystal clear I presume.
PazzoNico March 7, 2015
But for future reference, when making stock/broth, keep the key tips in mind to prevent cloudiness; don't boil and don't stir (skim if you must for the first hour or 2). Pre-rinsing the bones also helps prevent cloudiness in the final product.
Pegeen March 7, 2015
I love food science but eastover90, wondering if it is so critical to have "no clouds in your coffee" broth? If the liquid diet needs to be that pure, should the liquids should be provided by a medically-certified provider? A couple passes through cheesecloth and coffee filters is a lot!
Cav March 7, 2015
Part of me was hoping that it was a diet that only allowed you to drink Water, Vodka and Gin.
Cav March 7, 2015
Part of me was hoping that it was a diet that only allowed you to drink Water, Vodka and Gin.
Cav March 7, 2015
Ice filtration: Freeze the broth then perch atop several layers of muslin in a sieve like device and allow to slowly defrost in the fridge, between 24 and 48 hours. The gelatin in the broth creates a fine mesh that traps impurities before they get to pass through the muslin. Does not work with vegetable stocks, unless gelatin is added.

Or try the traditional egg filtration: Put your broth in a pot and whisk in several egg whites together with the crushed egg shells. To ensure the flavour doesn't dilute, say in a chicken stock, add minced chicken. For a beef one, add minced beef. Bring the pot up to a very gentle simmer. After half an hour or so a raft of the egg whites should have formed, floating up to the surface and bring up all the impure bits with them. Move that to one side and ladle the stock into a sieve lined with damp muslin/coffee filter.

CanadaDan March 7, 2015
Try a few passes through a few layers of cheesecloth or even a coffee filter
eastover90 March 7, 2015
Done that already!
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