What should I serve along side bacon Mac and cheese?

  • Posted by: Tasha
  • March 8, 2015


Fat T. March 8, 2015
I'm thinking pulled port
Nancy March 8, 2015
some ideas depending on size of your meal & Mac-cheese portions. If a simple brunch, lunch or dinner, where Mac-cheese is main dish in substantial portion, just a good beverage (sparkling white wine or chardonnay or coffee, depending on the crowd and the mood of the day). Maybe an all-American dessert to play of the Mac-cheese origins...Apple pie, pecan pie, brownie a la mode. If you're serving small portions of Mac cheese, in an Italian style meal, you could follow with small courses of simply done fish and/or meat, then end with fruit (whole, compote or turned into sorbet). In that case, align your wine or non-alcoholic drinks with the main protein...
keg72 March 8, 2015
If you'd like meat, how about a simple roast chicken?
PazzoNico March 8, 2015
A second serving...... and a glass of whiskey (neat).
ChefJune March 8, 2015
sounds to me like a dish tailor-made for Collard Greens!
Pegeen March 8, 2015
It's your meal so you can have whatever you like! :-) But as keel mentions, it's a little rich. (A burger with Mac & Cheese would put me on the sofa for the rest of the day.)

If you're craving meat, how about adding meatballs to the Mac & Cheese instead of bacon? They would give you more bulk than the bacon. There are probably a ton of good recipes for basic meatballs on this site. (And then make bacon cheeseburgers for another meal.)
Tasha March 8, 2015
Is a simple burger to much? It is Sunday afterall
keel March 8, 2015
If it was me, I'd probably make a simple green salad with a vinaigrette to help cut the richness of the bacon mac and cheese or maybe some roasted brussel sprouts finished with a good balsamic.
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