Not overpowering Side for Risotto

Hello. Thanks for the site with the offer to answer questions. That's great.
I've been given a kit with a wine and the ingredients for a mushroom risotto. What can I serve as a side? Would beans wrappes in bacon have too strong competing taste or would it match nicely? How about roast tomatoes? Or both sides perhaps?
Thank you very much!

Diliam Caldwell


PHIL August 29, 2019
Since it's tomato season. an heirloom tomato salad, different colors and sizes , fresh basil and a red wine vinegar, very good olive oil and minced shallots
MMH August 21, 2019
Asparagus - however you like it prepared.
Emma L. August 21, 2019
Hello! A mushroom risotto is pretty hearty, so I'd serve something light and bright alongside—say, an arugula salad with a mustardy vinaigrette and lots of ripe tomatoes.
Diliam C. August 21, 2019
Thanks a lot Emma.... sounds pretty good!
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