Toasted buckwheat and chocolate chips

I have a very unusual food craving for something made with toasted buckwheat and chocolate chips.

It all started when I saw some chocolate chips in the store that doesn't contain my usual food sensitivities... This is some sort of miracle or a labeling error, either way I'm gonna eat them. A few shelves over, I saw these whole, toasted buckwheat seeds. So I grabbed them too.

Anyone know a great recipe that combines the two? I have a grain mill, so I can grind the buckwheat into flour if I must.

Any other recipe ideas for buckwheat? I've been enjoying reading the buckwheat recipes on this site... however, most are designed for gluten free (which often contains flours/additions that don't agree with me). I'm gluten tolerant.



trampledbygeese March 14, 2015
Thank you guys. These are great answers. Looking forward to trying some of these... if I can stop snacking on the chocolate chips.

The nut bar looks especially yummy. hm.. I wonder... replace the puffed quinoa with amaranth, all the nuts with toasted almonds and maybe some chopped raisins, honey with maple syrup. Maybe cook the chocolate chips in with the bar instead of a chocolate layer. Yes, I think that's my starting place.
TobiT March 13, 2015
I was thinking along the same lines as julija. I am picturing (brain-tasting) a lacy-ish cookie with chocolate chips strewn though with crispy toasted buckwheat. Sorry I can't point you to a recipe - but if you make up something delicious please post!
Julija March 13, 2015
What if you made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but instead of the oats you substitued the buckwheat?
LeBec F. March 13, 2015
exACTly what I was thinking! Make Rick Katz's Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies (apricots for chew though you never taste them) with your buckwheat after you cook it to the chewy stage and cool it.
Greenstuff March 13, 2015
If you end up grinding them into flour, you can take advantage of your being gluten tolerant, and sub in some all-purpose flour for some of the buckwheat. That takes a bit of the edge off the buckwheat-ness and makes for easier to handle batters for things like crepes.

Have you seen this Food52'er Linsey S. Love buckwheat groats, chocolate chips, and a whole bunch of other things, on the site?

Or how about these scones from Alice Medrich via David Lebovitz? They call for white chocolate, but you could use your dark.
Nancy March 13, 2015
Trampled, I was questioned here when I talked about using chocolate in a dessert hummus (why would you want to mix those?), so maybe be prepared for skepticism.
meanwhile, I know if a sweet potato pudding with chocolate too later that's very tasty, and see sweet potato in some kasha recipes. So maybe try the 3 (buckwheat, sw pot, chocolate) in a pudding type dish?
Nancy March 13, 2015
That should be "chocolate top layer"
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