Can I make a coconut version of frangipane?

I'm interested in making a recipe that is filled with a traditional almond frangipane, but I'm looking to mix it up a little. I found a few recipes to add chocolate to it, or to use other nuts, but I was wondering if I could sub in unsweetened coconut instead?

  • Posted by: Angela
  • January 22, 2018


Angela February 18, 2018
I ended up making this recipe, but subbed in coconut for half of the almonds, by weight.
It ended up fantastic! Like an almond joy. It was for a pithivier like in the link, which is a simple, impressive looking dessert. (Well, we did from-scratch puff pastry to make it harder.)
AntoniaJames January 22, 2018
Sounds delicious. I'd toast the coconut a bit to bring out more flavor, and would not substitute for all of the almonds - perhaps 25%, i.e., 75 almonds by weight, 25% coconut. Also, you might want to take care not to process the coconut too much, as it will become unpleasantly greasy if you cross the line into coconut butter territory. ;o)
Angela January 25, 2018
Thanks Antonia. I can actually get an unsweetened coconut here that is already shredded superfine, which is what brought it to mind as a substitute.
Toasting sounds like a good step to add.
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