How much powdered mace would equal one single strand of mace? Never cooked with it before -- recipe calls for a single strand and could only get powdered at the market. Thanks in advance.

Kristen W.


Rachna's K. November 24, 2016
Hi Kristen,
I am Indian cook and make hundreds of recipes using mace. It is a strong Indian spice with strong flavour. I usually use it in this
You can get info there.
Kristen W. March 23, 2015
OK, good to know!
Nancy March 23, 2015
as you''ve already bought it, keep using the powdered mace. But fir those who don't have it, or don't love it, nutmeg makes a fine substitute.
boulangere March 22, 2015
Ok, well, a nutmeg nut is covered by threads of red mace. Your Indian-inspired cauliflower and potatoes with mace (and who knows what else) sounds lovely, and I hope you'll post the recipe here on at Food52.
Kristen W. March 21, 2015
P.S. I didn't actually know that mace was the thread that covers nutmeg!
Kristen W. March 21, 2015
Thanks! Here's the recipe:

I really don't know this blog, but I got have a cauliflower and some potatoes from the CSA to contend with, and a yen for an Indian preparation. Based on the ingredient list it looked to me like it should be good.
boulangere March 21, 2015
By the way, Kristen W., what are you making?
boulangere March 21, 2015
I would estimate about 1/8 teaspoon. The threads of mace that cover a nutmeg aren't all that substantial. Too, mace is very bitter, so a little bit goes a long way.
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