Naked cake fillings

Can I use white choc ganache to fill a naked cake or only butter cream?

Ana-Chloe Fifita


Jennifer March 23, 2015
White choc ganache would be great. If you need someone to taste test I selflessly volunteer.

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Nancy March 22, 2015
Or what, the cake frosting police are gonna get you? I say, play with the fillings according to cake flavor, color contrast, your taste. If an experiment doesn't work, you can fix or ditch it. if it's for a big cake & you don't want to lose it, do a small taste sample first. Enjoy! :)
Ana-Chloe F. March 22, 2015
Thanks Nancy lol!! I just wasn't sure because all of the recipes Ive seen online call for buttercream haha I think it would taste and look good with ganache and yes I might do a test run just to make sure.. Thanks so much for your reply!!
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