Is there any way to thicken runny ganache without adding cocoa butter?

I'm in the middle of making the TKOs (mock oreos) from the new Bouchon Bakery cookbook. The cookies are already baked- I even bought the black cocoa. However, the filling is a white chocolate ganache, but it won't set. Here's the recipe: 125g 35% white chocolate, 15g butter, 125g cream. Melt butter and white chocolate together, add barely simmering cream, whisk smooth, chill 4 hrs. Is there any way to tighten this up without adding cocoa butter (which I don't have)?



minibakersupreme January 3, 2013
Thanks, everyone. That was my first inclination. The first time I tried the ganache with Ghirardelli white chocolate chips, but I had no idea they contained no cocoa butter. The next time, I tried it with El Rey white cocoa discs. It was a little thicker the second time around, but still not thick enough to pipe as specified in the recipe. It chilled overnight in the fridge and was still not hard in the morning. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone!
Tarragon January 3, 2013
Ghirardelli white chocolate chips are the worst!!
CHeeb January 3, 2013
All of the suggestions above are going in the right direction, and remember the ganache will harden somewhat when it is cooled and off the heat.
boulangere January 3, 2013
The ratio of white chocolate to cream is way too low. I use a ratio of 3:1, white chocolate and cream. The butter looks fine. I'd suggest warming the existing ganache over a bain marie, and when warm, begin adding more white chocolate to bring it up to a ratio where it will set.
HalfPint January 3, 2013
I would add more softened fat like butter or maybe coconut oil, both of which are solid at room temp. This would help to thicken up the ganache without affecting the flavor.

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darksideofthespoon January 3, 2013
Oh, sorry, you wanted to thicken your ganache? I would just melt some additional white chocolate and whisk it into your ganache.
darksideofthespoon January 3, 2013
Just add a neutral fat, like canola oil.
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