Does white chocolate ganache eventually thicken? I've only made ganache with dark chocolate before. I've a recipe for 3/4C cream and 8 oz. ch

andrea lee


andrea L. July 18, 2013
Thanks to the both of you
sandrita July 18, 2013
Yo have to refridgerate it a couple hours for it to achieve spreading consistensy.
boulangere July 18, 2013
Your recipe will give you a very light, pourable white chocolate ganache. White chocolate is much softer than bittersweet chocolate because it contains none of the chocolate "liquor" or cocoa powder which cause dark chocolates to be so dense and firm. Use a ratio of 3 parts white chocolate to 1 part cream for white chocolate ganache, and you'll get much better results. So to your 6 ounces of cream, add 18 ounces of chopped white chocolate. You can re-warm the ganache you already have, and add another 10 ounces of white chocolate to it.
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