I've made this recipe twice, and it turned out too tangy each time. I just tasted the tamarind. The second time I reduced the tamarind concentrate...

... but it was still overpowering and missing something to balance the tanginess. Maybe I needed the sugar to melt more

  • Posted by: TheResa
  • March 24, 2015
Shrimp Pad Thai
Recipe question for: Shrimp Pad Thai


Jan W. April 21, 2015
I think I spotted the problem here. In my experience, tamarind concentrate is very very concentrated, usually comes in a jar. Whenever I've made Pad Thai sauce, I used tamarind paste or tamarind pulp that comes in a block, just reconstituted in water.
nancy E. April 20, 2015
I just made an amazing pad thai, the sauce was fish sauce, oyster sauce, ketchup, sugar, molasses and water with chili flakes. There is not usually vinigar in the sauce. that is what caused the dread "tang".
Christina C. April 20, 2015
I also made this recipe tonight and only added 1 tablespoon of tamarind concentrate and it was completely inedible. Way too "tangy"- I also have no idea what happened since I followed the recipe EXACTLY.
nancy E. March 24, 2015
Perhaps your Tang taster is higher then most. The recipe sounds perfect.
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