Sourcing a Kosher for Passover cake

Does anyone have any GREAT KFP cakes that are not flourless chocolate cakes?

Sarah Jampel


jakestavis March 29, 2015
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Desserts (the second Jeni's cookbook) has a great "macaroon cake," made with almonds (or really any nuts you have on hand). Not sure if I can find the recipe online though
Stephanie March 26, 2015
Orange almond cake! My new favorite. This recipe is pretty close to mine. I use less sugar but stick it in a food processor for a few whizzes, so it's almost superfine sugar.
creamtea March 26, 2015
This is hazelnut cake with a bittersweet chocolate glaze is fabulous, and my children ask why I only make it on Passover. I think that's a good indicator of how good it is:
creamtea March 26, 2015
(I forgot to add, I usually replace the lemon zest with orange zest).
Aliwaks March 26, 2015
I like a pavlova to end Passover- is that a cake??? Whipped coconut cream in place of cream cream to keep kosher with chocolate & toasted almonds or with fresh fruit
drbabs March 26, 2015
This cake: (Fabulous)
Nancy March 26, 2015
Chocolate walnut Torte by Maida Heatter (rich); lemon ice torte w/ strawberry rhubarb sauce (refreshing, makes you remember spring after a long winter) in Bon Appetit April 1994; sweet potato cake with dark chocolate topping (gluten-free, Sephardic from Algeria, weird at first to western tastes but delicious) from la cuisine juive, 1984 by Yana & Farhi. you may be able to find the last on the web or I can adapt and post it here.
Nancy March 26, 2015
cirrectiin - lemon torte recipe was published not in 1994, but 1991.
Sarah J. March 26, 2015
Thanks, Nancy! Can't WAIT to try these.
Nancy March 29, 2015
Sarah - can't find this sweet potato recipe on line. It's very simple - poach sweet potato discs in simple syrup (vanilla bean optional), drain, mash, shape, chill. Make a paste of melted dark chocolate and (granulated) sugar, equal amounts, spread on top, chill again. You get the bitter sweet crunchy chocolate top with the soft rich sweet potato underneath. If you & your table follow Sephardic rules, you may use confectioners sugar instead of granulated. Both work.
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