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A relative brought a home cured prosciutto at Christmas and it was delicious. Trouble was he insisted on keeping it sliced side down on one of my wooden cutting boards. Now the board has a musty smell and oily spots and I'm afraid bacteria may be lurking in there! Any ideas on how to properly clean it? Last time I cleaned one w/ bleach it eventually split....

asked by Homemadecornbread about 6 years ago
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added about 6 years ago

I'd use coarse salt rubbed in with a lemon half. Then spritz the board with vinegar solution. There was a recent interesting article on vinegar:

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added about 6 years ago

USDA recommends cleaning a contaminated wood cutting board by soaking in a solution of 1 tbsp bleach diluted in 1 gallon of water for several minutes, then rinse with clear water, air dry or dry with paper towels: http://www.fsis.usda.gov....

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added about 6 years ago

Pour a little vodka over it, and rub it in well with a paper towel. I've fooled myself into thinking that alcohol will either kill the germs, or at least make them happy...

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added about 6 years ago

If the ham was properly cured you are probably worried about nothing a little detergent and water won't fix. Just a good scrub followed by a rub down with mineral oil for the wood. But for a thorough santation, yes, bleach to water.

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added about 6 years ago

After you clean it rub the board with food grade mineral oil & let it soak in. Periodic treatments will prevent cracking.

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added about 6 years ago

We pour boiling water straight from the kettle over ours now and again