One last slice of fancy prosciutto. Suggested uses?



Fairmount_market April 21, 2011
Here is the report on the fate of the much pondered prosciutto. I felt guilty eating it without sharing with my sweetie. So I followed Burnt Offerings' suggestions of salad topping and eggs. For each of us I made a plate of salad greens, topped with French lentils tossed in balsamic vinegar, topped with a poached egg, topped with bits of prosciutto. Very tasty.
ChefJune April 21, 2011
I was going to say pretty much what Merrill said. I doubt I'd ever ask that question, because I'd eat the slice while I was thinking about it.

If it were summer, I'd say wrap it around a fresh fig. ;)
beyondcelery April 21, 2011
Wrap it around a piece of cantaloupe and eat it slowly with your eyes closed, imagining you're on the beach at Lago di Garda.
Sam1148 April 21, 2011
Remember the Shait on Shingle. SOS. stuff?

prosciutto chopped. Heated in a pan with olive oil, green onion, or chopped leaks, or just a bit of onion. A tsp or so of flour. Butter and olive oil.
Milk or heavy creme. Make a sauce. ...add a touch of back pepper.
Serve over toast ....this isn't your mom's SOS stuff.
boulangere April 20, 2011
Thin - I'm with Merrill. Gobble it up.
AntoniaJames April 20, 2011
On a good piece of artisanal Italian bread (made authentically, with no salt) with just the tiniest smear of butter on it. Then eat it very slowly, to enjoy every last bit of it. ;o)
Fairmount_market April 20, 2011
Thinly sliced. Thanks for the yummy suggestions.
Burnt O. April 20, 2011
You could bake it at 350 for about 10 minutes and crumble it to use on salads, or line a ramekin with it, crack an egg into it, season with cheese, herbs and spices and bake until the egg is just set, and then turn it out onto a toasted English muffin, drape it over some fresh melon for breakfast...
boulangere April 20, 2011
Thick or thin slice?
Merrill S. April 20, 2011
Eat it! Seriously, though, wrap it around a really thin Italian breadstick (a.k.a. grissino) or an asparagus spear, and pop it in!
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