Best non-traditional Easter dinner?

Just my husband and I, although we love leftovers we don't need a meal for 8 pax. Something the feels appropriate for the season but not ham or lamb necessarily. We are not picky eaters and I always like a good challenge. Coq au vin is the backup plan unless we find something else more compelling? Do tell!



Nancy April 16, 2017
Torta di spinaci (double crust Easter pie with eggs ricotta parmesan). Or make something similar featuring another spring green like fiddleheads or asparagus.
Nancy April 16, 2017
PS sometimes called torta pasqualina (Easter pie). Serve with light-tannin red, like Barbera or Valpolixella
BerryBaby April 15, 2017
Carbonara with green peas, prosciutto, parmesan and a green salad. Serve with a crisp white and it's spring time! Happy Easter! BB
ColoradoCook March 31, 2015
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! Although I am from CO, I live in Northern Europe so I thought the fish Suggestions were great! We have plenty of yummy North Sea options. Am thinking I might pair it with a preserved lemon couscous and one of the great side dishes suggested here - carrots, zucchini or asparagus depending on what's most exciting at the market this week. And Many of these others I will keep in my back pocket for the rest of spring- so happy it's finally here. Huge thanks!
Healthline March 30, 2015
Quiche Florentine is a nice spring menu item ( ). And you can always added diced ham to the filling. Carrots-Swede Vichy ( or Lemon-Roasted Asparagus ( are two great side options.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 30, 2015
Tenderloin of beef with an horseradish-herb sauce or smoked salmon.
LeBec F. March 30, 2015
Oh, I get it; you're from Colorado, the one state (or one of the few) known Nationally for its lamb...
but YOU don't want lamb. Oh nooo, YOU want something more special, because you think YOU"RE special. I see......
(this is all me joshin' you, cc!)
I really like summer of eggplant's suggestions. I know Springtime is a time of birthing for many food animals, but personally, I kind of like the idea of a fish rejoicing at the swimmability of his home waters, which just until recently had been frozen solid! I don't know what fish you rarely eat (for me, in Boston, it's trout-- just not readily available in the markets here) but that's what i would suggest you seek out, to make the meal more special.
Ah, ColoRAdo...sigh!
ktr March 31, 2015
Here in the northwoods we are still ice fishing :-)
Pegeen March 29, 2015
Sorry, I know this is a lot of posts but I'm searching around too for ideas for Easter dinner.

These potatoes would also be great with lamb, fish or meat:
Hasselback Potato Skillet Bake by Kat Suletzki
Pegeen March 29, 2015
forgot to add:

Absurdly Addictive Asparagus by kaykay
Pegeen March 29, 2015
If you do asparagus, I'd skip the creamy cucumber salad and instead do boiled small red or Yukon gold potatoes tossed with butter, salt, pepper, finely-chopped parsley.
Pegeen March 29, 2015
Salmon Papillotes with red peppercorns, lime, fresh ginger

Creamy cucumber salad
boulangere March 29, 2015
I typically take holidays as a chance to get out for a good, long hike with the dogs. This Easter, I plan to make one of my favorites up to a remote lake in the Beartooth Mountains of the Rockies. I'll pack a lunch to eat at the lake, and when I get home, I'll make a dinner of lamb chops from my friend, Harv, who raises sheep under the shadow of the majestic Crazy Mountains. I'll likely adapt them from my recipe for Freshly Minted Chops (, and serve them alongside some spring asparagus. I'll pour a glass of chilled Italian rosé and toast to a very happy Easter. And the very same to you.
Pegeen March 29, 2015
Well it's the right time of year for lamb. If possible, order it from a source that offers organic, although you're running out of time :-)

Assuming you don't eat a lot of it, duck breast would be something a little different. Fish (maybe en papillotte, since there are just two of you?) is a nice tradition too.
caninechef March 30, 2015
Duck sounds like a great Idea, the really easy Duck Confit in Genius Recipes is wonderful and truly easy.
luvcookbooks March 29, 2015
Small fancy lamb chops dusted w cumin pepper and lemon juice , a little olive oil and salt. Persian jeweled rice sounds celebratory. Roasted asparagus can wait while you broil the chops. A leaf or two of green salad. Russian Easter cake if you have people who will share the cake. Maybe a small lemon meringue cake, like heinstirred's from the egg white contest? I wish I knew enough to suggest wine. Dying to drink white wines right now because it's spring!
Summer O. March 29, 2015
I have done fish several times before for Easter. Salmon on wood planks on the grill, tuna saltimbocca and whole roasted snapper stuffed with herbs and citrus. We also do a carrot soup and zucchini ribbons dressed in chimmichurri.
Stephanie G. March 29, 2015
I don't think you can go wrong with rack of lamb. They come in small racks so you wouldn't have a ton of left overs as you do with a leg of lamb or ham.
You could also do a risotto with spring vegetables as a main dish.
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