A Small Container for Storing AND Spritzing Lemon Juice?

Anyone found a solution for this? For some reason, my mind just realized that there is a small squeeze bottle on my island- that has been waiting for me to notice it for the last many months.....so i suppose that could work. Any other new or repurposed containers you have found?

My experience is that fresh lemon juice loses its best flavor after 1..2..3...5...8? days, so I would just use it to store a small amount of lemon juice at a time. I'm a fresh lemon juice nut (acid-freak!) and lemon wedges make my hands sticky and requiring a wash, so i've been wanting to ask about a tool- for many years! Thx much!

LeBec Fin


Kristen W. April 1, 2015
Kristen W. April 1, 2015
...I ask b/c you mention hardware stores (and also I've never heard of this product).
Nancy April 1, 2015
KristenW - they're specifically made, not MacGyver solution. Tupperware started years ago, now I see them more widely and cheaply. I''ll post a photo or link if I can find them.
Nancy April 1, 2015
update. Search for citrus or lemon juice spigot. You''ll find YouTube demo, reviews, listings. One prominent brand is Sunkist (natch).
Kristen W. April 1, 2015
Nancy, I'm intrigued -- is the cute plastic spigot made specifically for juicing citrus, or is it a Macguyver of a spigot that exists for some other purpose?
Nancy March 31, 2015
Another way to have accesible fresh juice...puncture the lemon with a cute plastic spigot (see hardware & kitchen stores) that opens the lemon and allows you to squeeze however much juice you need until it's finished. Rinse, repeat.
LeBec F. April 5, 2015
nancy, i followed your suggestion and watched a youtube. My one question is this:
do you ultimately get the full amount of juice that you would if you used a juicer? thx much!
Nancy April 5, 2015
Not sure, probably close if not equal. if you compare the two methods, please let us know results.
Liza's K. March 30, 2015
I happen to like these:


But I put the lemon in a plastic baggy or aluminum foil around the lemon to keep it fresh longer.
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