Unrefrigerated fresh yuzu juice

I juiced some fresh yuzus a few days ago but wasn't able to finish the recipe and left the juice out on the counter covered. I looked at it today and it smells fine but ut developed a kombucha-like scoby in it. I was planning on making cookies with this juice and really don't want to waste it but I don't know if it's safe.



Wickerparkgirl December 23, 2020
But would those bacteria survive the heat of the oven?
Lori T. December 23, 2020
Since you do not know exactly what bacteria has formed a colony in the juice, I would be very hesitant to use it. E. Coli has some versions that happen to like juice, just to name one you would not want to risk. Sorry, but the best thing to do is toss it.
Wickerparkgirl December 23, 2020
But would those bacteria survive the oven?
Lori T. December 23, 2020
The living bacteria would die IF the heat reached over at least 160F for a period of time. But their waste products will not necessarily be changed, and some contaminants, like botulism, form spores which are heat resistant. You do not know what you have growing in that juice, and it may well be a combination of two or more organisms. That thing people call a scoby means "symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast". In the case of some, you know what that bacteria is- and that it is safe for humans. In your case, you do NOT know- and that's what is dangerous. Just killing the bacteria may not be enough to keep you healthy and safe. I understand that fresh Yuzu is expensive, and juicing is a lot of effort, and you might not want to toss it. I suppose it comes down to how lucky you feel, and who you plan to feed the cookies to. Healthy young adults might fight off spores. Small children, elderly adults, and some others might not.
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