I just made popovers for the first time. What should interior texture be for properly baked popover? Should baking vessel always be preheated?

Is the only difference between popover and yorkshire pudding the addition of beef fat to baking vessel?

Lisa Poe Taylor


keg72 March 30, 2015
I've always preheated the pan. The insides should be a bit wet.
aargersi March 30, 2015
Oh and I like this basic recipe - I have made it several times - the directions get you to the perfect popover!

aargersi March 30, 2015
Hi! Yes on the vessel being preheated, it makes sure they "pop" and I think they are essentially the same as Yorkshire pudding with beef fat being the variable
creamtea March 30, 2015
The interiors are moist with lots of open steam pockets for butter and jam. They should be puffy. Dry on the exterior. If they slumped in the middle, then they didn't rise properly, but they would still be good.
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