Four Foods of the Apocalypse

Recently read an article that posed this scenario. You have survived an apocalypse; but you're in luck- you have a magic refrigerator that produces unlimited quantities of salt, pepper, oil, flour, and sugar. It also produces 4 ingredients of your choice. What would you choose and what could you make with your choices?

Tony S
  • Posted by: Tony S
  • March 30, 2015


Exbruxelles March 27, 2018
A live hen and a rooster. (That's two.) Cheese, because it's a magic refrigerator so it should know when I want parm or bleu or brie or cheddar...or? Seeds for planting vegetables, all kinds.
Deaunzze T. March 25, 2018
Tony S. April 1, 2015
Ok, even though I posed the question, I'll add mine.

Porterhouse steak- carpaccio, seared, grilled, ground for burgers, etc..

Eggs- Anything you can imagine... breakfast preparation, baked goods, pasta, aioli, etc..

Lemons- What doesn't benefit from a little spritz of lemon? Plus, I could make things like sorbet, salad dressing, lemonade, and other lemon based desserts.

Some kind of green that can be eaten raw or cooked, possibly arugula. Steak salad with a poached egg and lemon dressing, sauteed, pizza topping, I'm sure I could figure out something that resembles a kind of pesto.

I would consider replacing the arugula with red wine or bourbon though.

Pegeen April 1, 2015
The apocalypse is beginning to sound like a pretty awesome tailgate party!
Fat T. April 1, 2015
I'll take Salmon - sushi, baked, grilled smoked or candied
Corn - fresh, dried and used for flour or meal
Peas - mom said I need a vegetable
Bourbon - just because I survived the apocalypse doesn't make me an animal. Sitting on my magic fridge viewing the destruction, sipping on bourbon makes you feel human again
pierino March 31, 2015
Tomato sauce, eggs, basil, anchovies for post apocalypse "eggs in purgatory".
trampledbygeese March 31, 2015
Woot for the magic fridge.

Coffee for sanity reasons.

Butter for sanity and nutrition.

Hay for my dairy goat.

Most important of them all, Barley for beer making - I can make the yeast with the flour and water. Very important source of easy to digest nutrition and water purification. (nods solemnly)

Everything else, I can hunt, gather or farm and preserve with the salt. Apocalypse doesn't stand a chance against my wildcraft and farming skills... if I'm not too sloshed to milk my goat. Then again, I read recently that you can make vodka with goats milk and a potato... although they didn't say how. Most disappointing.

But in all seriousness, flour gives me starch and a source to catch yeast (which is for bread, beer and vinegar making). Salt for persevering. All I need is healthy fats, protein and easy to digest vitamins. Beer, cheese (from my goat's milk), bread, coffee and wild greens - a pretty healthy diet for an apocalypse.
boulangere March 31, 2015
Butter, flour, sugar eggs. I'm presuming that bovines would survive, along with fowl, and that certain crops would continue to grow. And that we would know what to do with them, beyond buying bags of them in then non-existent grocery stores.
QueenSashy March 31, 2015
Assam tea and cream to go with it -- that will cover me for about half day... A slice of Humboldt Fog, and... Does booze count?
creamtea March 31, 2015
Eggs, tomatoes, garlic, coffee, chocolate. Will the cows survive? I need cream for my coffee.
Suzanna W. March 30, 2015
Coffee, Bison, Beans, and Avocados... I like the idea of trading goods, and it looks like all of you will need some help staying awake to fend off of the looters.
Pegeen March 31, 2015
Suzanna omg, how could we forget caffeine. And Mel Gibson in his Mad Max leathers.
keg72 March 30, 2015
I feel as though I have to say eggs, butter and yeast so that I can bake, even though I actually don't like eggs (other than in baked goods). The fourth is tough -- maybe tomatoes??
keg72 March 30, 2015
Can I ditch the pepper? I don't need it. If I could trade it for cheese -- or steak -- that would be great!
Patricia March 30, 2015
Bread, cheese, cherries and wine.
TobiT March 30, 2015
What a funny question (and as always, Pegeen has supplied us with a witty answer - seal meat, huh? Who'd a thunk it?! Are they tender, Pegeen? Or more of the chewy variety?).
I would go with great beef (for straight eating, but also for chilis, tacos, soups, jerky), cream (so I could make cheese and ice cream), grapefruit (because of their awesomeness) and cocoa beans (because who would want to survive the apocalypse only to live without chocolate). If I could get a 5th ingredient it would be onions. A 6th would be eggs. And a 7th would be avocados.

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Pegeen March 30, 2015
Do an oven and stove top range, decent knives and clean water come with that refrigerator? :-)

Blueberries, wild salmon, kale. And lemons to fight scurvy. I want to trade the flour and sugar for a team of Navy SEALs.
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